Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hailey zaraly!! (my life)

hailey's things that i saved:)

These are some of pictures i wanna share... she has made our life busy but yet exciting love to see her learn new things everyday... still cant believe she ours lol... hubby always says that .

Hailey room! she'll be sharing

Her new toy box


Anonymous said...

aww, she was extraaa cute when she was a baby! her room is cute, I wonder if she realizes another baby on the way because sometimes they get jealous but i'm sure she wont! lol @ all the pacifers, Daniel has like 100,000 but now only has 2, somehow they always disappear!

meliza said...

Thanks she was and chunckyyy lol... She does actually but not jealous yet... Yessss thoses pacifiers in the pic was hars to find and that's the o e she wanted only.... They only have. It bargain store sometimes I couldn't find them...:(

kganir said...

sssoooo cute! you're truely blessed! especially with another one on the way. i know my two year old keeps reminding me he wants a baby sister! My husband and i want one too but it seems like trying is sooo hard. but my time is yet to come so we're just being patient.