Thursday, August 19, 2010

Relvon & MAC

As I can remember when i was little Revlon's been around .. Reasons why i can remember because my mother had Revlon cosmetics and nail polishes  everywhere thats all she wore. MAC was RELVON in the in the 1930 and there for, that was the it makeup line .

Before i met MAC (i met him lol when i was 16) i couldn't find the best pigmented eyeshadow not even in the drug store they were all looked dusty and if it was blue it looked white one you yuck!... i loved makeup since i was 13 lipsticks and everything i even had a big eyeshadow sample from jafra that my mom used and i toke it from her it had all the color compared to the drug store it was the best...MAC COSMETICS was establish 1984 in canada  by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo . thank you guys u made me happy and for running into mac while i worked in macy's :)


Renee said...

Revlon ad is simply adorable!

meliza said...


Princess Feef said...

yeah LOVE THE Revlond Pic <3 awww ,,

MAC ,, thx for being in our lives =D

meliza said...

princess right lol