Sunday, August 8, 2010

WHITE BEATER & DENIM Keeping it simple plain jane!!!!

So My bloggers today seem like a great day to take pictures..Also to tell you that i might be doing this more often mostly it will be for style looks lets see if i can do it .lol but yeah I got inspired by on of my fave blogger..So i said let me try why not :) Hope you guys like its a simple look nothing special for now. Im just testing it out!!! 

SHOES/ ninewest
Tank/ target
JEAN/ forever21
Flower/ forever21


Samantha Dietz said...

I love the fashion post. You are so pretty and I cant believe that you just had a baby!! You look beautiful. xo

meliza said...

awwwww thanks samantha its crazy isnt... i wish u were here so i can test shoot ur good at photography

Glamorous Glory said...

love it u foxy lady!!!

Princess Feef said...

the jeans fit great ,, and love the heels <3

super lovely =) keep it up

** and wow ,, if u just had a baby and your body is like that ,, thats awesome ,, i wanna be fit like you ** haha

meliza said...

glamoursssss thankss muahzzz princess i dont kno how it happen london didnt make me eat as much but thanks for ur comment makes my day,,,

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

very pretty and simple.