Thursday, September 2, 2010

I LUV OLDIES>> Movies inspired by the oldies

HI my follower Im here sharing all the movies that ive seen when i was little
most of them are like musicals these's movies are the best ever,, NOW in day its like disney
musical which i'm not so into.. But of course Im going to start with one of the all time fave grease in
my blog.. I have to say that i still have this movie on tape..Also i was told when this
movie came out, my brother when he was young he would copy
 john moves from  the last scene of the movie
yeah my brother is around his 30's lol
but yeah just like ive been introduce to this movie my daughters will to.
i still remember when i first saw it i was very young and i was in my mom friends house my her
rip . This movie brings good memories. These movies has something in common that
im blogging about. All  has to do with oldies and old fashion music .

Cry baby i love this movie now when i watch this reminds me of how young i was when
i first saw it.
 I have a good feelings : I also remember i had rented this movie when i was younger  and then the lady gave us the movie
awwww we still have it but on tape need to get it in dvd..
I recommend this movie it like grease a musical movie.
WHO doesnt love this movie omg it was all about patrick!!!
when he died i couldnt believe it .. HE made this movie unforgettable
when you think of dirty dancing you think of him right away... I saw this movie once again when i
was young even though you see it there nothing bad in this movie but
of course when i was young for me was a close your eye type of movie in some scene lol...
Now that i see it it;s okay lol.. 
As ya may know they made a remake of this movie more like a funny one but
nothing beat the best of the original the oufits and the song takes you back
to the 60's ..                                                                 

   Peggy sue the movie is not like a musical one like the others but it does have some
oldies music .. everything of this movie i love from the plot to the romance
to the wardrobe ..


Glamorous Glory said...

love grease n dirty dancing!

JeNi said...

never sen peggy sue got married….cry baby girl i have it memorized lol

meliza said...

me too i know every word ol