Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NYX haul

This is my NYX haul this is inexpensive makeup and i'm aware
everyone here knows that already lol..
i decided to purchase ORANGE SODA L/s its like a nude totally lovin it..
TWO liquid liners.. i did some swatches i know u cant c the l/s i
guess it goes perfect since you cant see it on my hands lol...
I also got the white base and what i cant tell you is that its
very smilier to the MILK pencil ... here the swatch on the top is the milk pencil :)


Rai said...

I love NYX! Nice swatches.

LCzinha said...

I am a big fan of NYX as well. Especially their lipstick. Let me know how you like the white base. I bought the skintone base and I love it but I am thinking of trying out the white base as well. Great swatches!! ;)

Princess Feef said...

oh wow ,, must check these liquid liner ,, colors look intense and pretty <3

meliza said...

yes it great base ull love it just like milk... the liners are great as well

Glamorous Glory said...

NYX is the bombs!