Thursday, September 2, 2010


Lastest purchase that ive bought which are the grow mascara from Revlon so far im try it out
seems okay i like that the brush is thick..

Here is the revlon l/g in pastel rose and the mac l.s in blooms lovely and lavender whip

both of these l/s are limited and they go well with the revlon gloss:)

Here are the coral colors and i decided also to buy the coral reef from revlon
goes well with jazzed and ravishing l/s from mac so loving this combo :) i was told to get these by one  of my bff which is glori  this is  her blog so far very satisfied of getting these ..


Glamorous Glory said...

loveee it!!! i need does lipsticks!! u gotta get the pink one now ;)

meliza said...

yup get jazzedddd or ravshin same thing ,,im smack now ima c if i can lol

Princess Feef said...

ooooh love that pale lavender-y pink <3 so gorgeous ,,
let us know how the mascara goes after u try it <3

meliza said...

will do princess feef

Bionica said...

I love the pink lip color
it looks great on you =)