Monday, September 27, 2010

Rihanna inspired look

A couple of days ago I saw Rihanna's new video and
i was like oommgee i luv her makeup and what did you know its a mac
inspired she actually took the look from one of there's... lovve itt
so ive been wanting  to do this look but once i saw her with it in the video
i had to do it ... hope u guy love


Brow bone CRYSTAL AValaNCE
blush dolly mix w/ bright pink shadow from mufe
under the eye on the outer corner bright green
from an old makeup line toni and tina
lipstick viva glam lady gaga

xoxox muahz


BEAUTY♕AMBiTiON★ said...

this is by far the best Rihanna inspired make-up I've been, i love it.

Glamorous Glory said...

love the look!!! this one is popular!! we should do dis to go out!!!!! YEAA!

meliza said...

damn gurl really outttttt lol.. maybe just the eyes.. glori thanks girl.. @beauty thanks

Alba said...

This is hott! would u wear this out??

meliza said...

no i dont kno about out out maybe for halloween or xmas lol

Shabwouina said...

i liiiiiiike it a lot!!!