Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SONIA KASHUK makeup bag

Perfect to divided things separately 
I toke a trip to target and ive been wanted this makeup bag for a while so i had to get when they finally had it at target ,, total price 6.99 not bad to throw in some lippies and compact lol.. anywho i hope you like and i hope if ur looking for a makeup bag this will fit your list.. 


Blushingloves said...

This bag looks fabulous!!Love the fuschia touches on black and white!!!

Princess Feef said...

great bag girl ,, lucky you <3

Renee said...

great bag, got to check my target, they had only huge ones last time I checked. And it's very dangerous for me to have a big makeup bag - it means I will carry around as much make up as it fits and not as much as I need for touch ups :))))

Glamorous Glory said...

hot love it!