Friday, October 1, 2010

L' oreal Masacra

LOREAL masacra
I have to tell you makeup lovers out there
that this has to be the best mascara they have in a drug store.
I've tired the Revlon and it suckks lol its not as great as others
but this one idk you can apply this to you'r lashes and
I feel that the lashes thickens you know like if you add spray in your
My lashes are down meaning they are not naturally curled and i would have to use
a lashes curler SUCKSSSSSS thanks mom lol
,but yea so i have a problem with that so i have to find the right mascara and curler and this one is it for me i can imagine if your lashes are naturally curled it would look beautiful

P.S just to let everyone know i've have a couple of months using this one .. 
soo trust me when i say its good.