Sunday, November 14, 2010


AS all Ya may know i have tons of mac lippies
soo i decided i wanted to wear this one our pick
cause its different its like a nude but more brown mix with nude
the lipstick its self makes you look different.. LIke exotic love this lipstick.. reminds me of J.LO
lol.. The camera doesnt let the beauty show of this lipstick,,


Glamorous Glory said...

glad ur bak lol!

thereshegoesxxxx said...

lol whats the name of it?

Anonymous said...

it does look j-lo-ish. lol. It was limited edition right?

meli said...

I got it at the pro store.. I don't think it is.. it really looks a little bit more dark just little its called our pick

Beautymarxed said...

love! been looking for a lippie w/this shade.. it kinda reminds me of nyx "rea"