Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair Accessories

Hi lovers.. ive been trying to update and I'ma try to make my blog to look cuter so for thoses
who follow keep an eye.. and for thoses who got lost hope you can find me ...xoxo
so i went to forever 21 and i saw this cute head band and i love it.. But i left it cause i didnt know if i would ever wear it but some how i could stop thinking of it... soo i gave in and got it online cause in store their was no more ;( but im happy now and i love ittt Thinking of wearing it soon 


Marcy said...

I love your hair!! It looks so pretty curled like that!


Keisha said...

I love your hair! Cute headband! (:

Glamorous Glory said...

love dat head band!!

Katie said...

You have AMAZING hair.... I'm so jealous!


Glamorous Glory said...

YES I SEE U NOW!!!!!!!