Saturday, January 1, 2011


Frou and Pervette 

its more like a soft light  gold more like a nude..
Pervette on the bottom
Reminds me of stars and rockets shadow or pink freeze

Ive been wanting these for a while wanted something different them bold colors


Glamorous Glory said...

gurl does are super light how do dey look on?

Anonymous said...

I love Pervette,it has diff colors in it, I have yet to buy it, but soon I will, I want to see how they both on you, Frou looks nice too :)

meli said...

glori looks glossy to me i got it to look like a gloss nothing to show alot ... like a shin... i like it... .. @diana its nice i will try to take a pic ... it great for florida when it hot over there.. it more like a put it on with out tryin to much.. i dont have nothing like it only pretty please but that it.. i need to add a light frost to my collection

Anonymous said...

I like Pervette, its fun...I should have gotten that, I actually returned Pretty Please back to Nordstrom since their return policy is really good, it never expires, Pretty Please is nice but it didnt really show up much :(

meli said...

Really pretty please shows on me it like a nude on me

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I have always been so afraid of frosty lipsticks. I giess it depends on how you wear it, have to see.