Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics


well guys I've heard the news that Ingot is raising their prices.. yep it sucks because i started to notice these's shadows not so long ago and all of a sudden they are putting up the price on feb 7th yes thats right around the corner. I'm also guessing it's because A lot of makeup lovers started raving about it and the scoop went around and they got more sales  :/... whelp once i heard that, I ran to the store to get my cheap palettes . Of course i did have the pro card but when i got it i didn't purchase anything.. or even looked at the colors.. SADLY they are money worth trust me one tip of color on your finger its amazing , even with the MATTE colors which in MAC on some you would have to tip hard and more then once...The texture is soft and smooth.. JUST LOVELY

The prices for Square shadows for 10 with the palette it comes with it.. $55

The reason why i say comes is because I don't know if they are selling that separately so if you want the palette with out the shadows it will be $10..


Anonymous said...

Those look nice, your right, that with MAC sometimes you gotta rub it a couple times to build the color, can't wait to see looks with them. So its worth the $$$ if the pigmentation is good and smooth.

meli said...

yea girl so worth . it

Princess Feef said...

they look great thx for sharing ,,

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really wanted to try their shadows before the price hike...unfortunately I never got around to it. Do you know how much they are with the price hike?

If you haven't already have a chance to check it out, I have a makeup competition going on right now:


hótündérkirálylány said...

nice blog! :)
Hope you'll visit my blog :
xoxo: Brigi.

Jesa said...

Ah I love this!

P.S. Your insanely pretty!


Glamorous Glory said...

lucky.u got dem :(

Delmy said...

your makeup is amazing!

thefashionchika said...

these are really nice and those colors are to die for!