Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New lippies to my lipstick addiction (smack me y don't yah)!!!

This is what came in the bag ...
 its from the jeanius collection two lipstick and a shadow
white jeanius shadow white with sliver
lipstick in acid washed , white with a pearl tone
Riveting Rose plum color frost....
Sorry for the realistic background..
but hey who cares, it the lipsticks that counts
okay soo starting out from the left
Lady danger, chatter box, smoked purple
lady danger a very vivid red brightttt!!!
chatter box dim pink no blue undertone, soft
smoked purple dark deep purple looks 


Glamorous Glory said...

im loving the realistic background lol!!!

meli said...


Cutelildreamer said...

I love the pink one. Great blog!