Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elf Cosmetics

Beautiful day !! Just want to make a small review on the elf studio makeup remover . I usually use the Mac makeup wipes .. I still love them but I've notice that when I take off my makeup during the night I wake up with dry eyes. To me its a little uncomfortable.. Waking up with dry eyes isn't good :/ anywhoo but I do still love the Mac wipes, Now the elf wipes I can compare, it similar in moist . Does it job just like the Mac ones. The scent of the wipes are different but not different in a bad way it's a good scent.. Also it's not as wet as the Mac wipes does it job take all the makeup off. This is something I would recommend for any makeup users.. ( for your kit )  you can get this at target or local beauty supply

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