Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jack studios - Refinery29

I had the chance to assist an makeup artist I admire and learn so much of. 
I feel it's good to assist other Makeup Artist to learn others ways. It's great to learn tips and tricks . 
I will always look at Instagram and see other Artist go to this magical place call Jack studio. So many magazines Etc works and shoots here . 
I was able to assist Ashliegh for Refinery29 on of the Magazines I've been wanting and hoping to work with ! So I assist her for Revlon :) 
what's crazy is that I was at a place where I wish and hope I could work with jack studio and Refinery29 didn't mater where or when . But it all happen in one place . I may have not been the main artist but to be able to have the experience,  For me was amazing. 

I will be back here again doing amazing things. 💞

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