Thursday, September 28, 2017

Urban Decay Heat palette

Once I knew urban decay came out with this palette I knew I had to get it, I love all the shades of color on this palette but I feel or may I say I felt that I had some similar. They are very pigmented and the colors are blendable. I did return this but I do regret it still don't know if I should give in and just grab one to stay. I love that this is a very warm palette.


I used many purples too create this look.

Eye: Mac Cosmetics on the eyes
purple haze on the eyes with shadowly lady blended.
On her eye lids I use a rusted golden brown pigment from Mac, It was limited edition .
I'm not sure what was the name.


Estee Lauder stay all day foundation in number 4
concealer in Nars Custard
Powder in Mineralize dark
contour Mac taupe with sin blush from NARS
Highlight I used MAC so darling


I use culture from MAC

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nars loaded palette

Nars loaded palette

 Once the nars loaded palette came out. I feel in love with it, and felt the texture which is Highly pigment and smooth . Applies very well on the eyes and it's very bendable.  I find that the single matte shadow is a little different not as smooth as this palette. Since this one is a little different I had to give it a go. Perfect for my kit :) 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Different rises

Hi ! On this look I wanted to try something different. Ive had yellows and mustard colors on my palettes and I haven't used them, So I wanted to be more creative to see what I can come up with. I really didn't even think what I will be blending the colors with sometimes I really just of with the flow of just add and blending. I really love the outcome of the picture it capture on my look. All products I use are from MAC.

Selfie status

 I wanted to try something different as for taking pictures. So I ask for my little girl Hailey to take me a picture posing differently . Something other then another hand take selfie . I actually love it even though I look very serious.