Monday, July 26, 2010

Bubble & More

BUBBLE TEA: coffee

You can say i have the weirdest taste buds lol...but oh well this is flavored coffee with green tea in it,, yes u heard it right lol..ive only tried bubble tea in one place and thats the one in the city in china town its called vivi bubble tea.. ive tired it in couple of places but i like this place more the tapiocai is fresh then other places

If thats how you spell it.. its a traditional appetizer for Salvadorian and it comes with cabbage salad on the side u can have the salad hot or plain this one is with cheese and it taste like corn yummy,, they usually do it with pork meat and cheese but im cuttin out in meat .. i try to eat very little of it..


Kate Gene said...

You know what's funny? I really like bubble tea, but I can't eat the tapioca balls at the bottom. I always call them "eyeballs". LOL!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Great post. I love pupusa the best quick food and tasty. I love food so much. I also don't like the tapioca balls otherwise the teas are great.

meliza said...

@kate i ddint like it at first but then i got used to it... @hell.. i love it too..

Bionica said...

that pupusa looks so good =)


BottledBeauty said...

I love boba! My fave is coconut.

meliza said...

yum ima try all of them lol