Friday, July 16, 2010

My Taste Buds (drinks and ice cold deserts)

Frozen Yogurt : original non fatting ofcourse!!!

One day i was in the city and i saw a truck like an ice cream truck but this one was looking nice and retro classi lol... so i decided to go and check it out and what do you know and truck with a frozen yogurt sign the only reason why i wanted to give it a taste cause it had fresh fruits im all into fresh and good. soo i got me an original and i add my toping once i got that taste it was somthing so different i ever tasted its not like ice cream taste light and sweet just perfecttttt i feellll in loveeeee.. NOW i cant stop thinkin about it... i give this a must taste for thoses who never taste this ..also i tired wildberry my fave too... one of the common place to go for this is pink berry in the city and boy did i go... 10 thumbs up lol...

Starbucks "Passionate tea shaken lemonade"
All i can say i love this tea soo good some how im all in too non fatting drinks like ice teas which ill be posting soon one of the ones my hubby makes for me ..;) but yeah! this drink also is another resfreshing drink for thoses who like a little tast of tea in them..

Drunken Donuts "french V ice latte W/ 3 sugars not liquid sugar!

i love ice latte so refreshing for the summer i cant never get enough

Haagen daz "white chocolate raspberry truffle"

Im not a big fan pf milk ice cream at all but this one is a must taste love the raspberryy flavor in this truffle thing is that this ice cream is hard to find..

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