Friday, July 16, 2010

Watches its like my Accessories (vintage)

Timex gold digital watch expandable

Can you say totally 1970's and 80's soo loving this watch i know my dad rock this in thoses days he saw it on me and said i like that watch i used to wear it back just looking at this watch makes me feel in the late 70's and also feel fashionable retro.. loveeeeeee ..Alot of fashion is the early 80;s r coming back like the harlem pants ,,wish i can wear them but makes my btt look flat lol..
this is my down time watch 2nd one its my dress up watch!!

"The DAds watch"

i couldnt go steal my dad watch cause he still uses his lol.. but this watch catches my eyes big and vintage i love anythin old and classi also music which ill be blogging about that soon ..IM very into retro and the clothing which Im looking into buy me a vintage dress soon,, just that the price need to be cheap... anywhoo i totally love this watch not cause of the time but cause its gold and big im deff not using it for a watch more like for style...!!! WILL POST BETTER PICTURE OF IT SOON


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I like the one drbrooklyn got. You dad's watch is nice.

I just nominated you for an award on my blog too.

meliza said...

i like that one too but its too expensive for me lol